In 1988 IBM chose to challenge the existing server market with their AS/400 product line and has continuously been a rival to the more common Intel-based servers. In 2008 the AS/400, rebranded as System i, and the System p series machines were merged into, what is today known as IBM Power Systems, which creates a very powerful and stable alternative to Intel-based servers.

Power systems can boast with a 10% decrease in overhead on virtualization environments and powerful chip, making a breeze of data transaction processing. The Power Systems product line also offers a phenomenal stability, using the architecture of its mainframe product line to ensure an enduring and powerful system.


Want the stability of an enterprise-grade system, but with increase ease-of-use and without the pricetag? Then IBM xSeries is the system for you.

xSeries systems have the advantages of being the little brother to IBM Power Systems, merged with the ease of use from being based on the x86 architecture, known from Intel’s Xeon processors. These servers are very cost-effective, by simplifying management and utilization, paired with great scalability due to their blade –and rackserver options.


The IBM Storage products enables you to interconnect any range of disks, tapes, flash drives and NAS storage products. These products can be utilized to handle everything from 2 small disks, to several yottabytes of data (That is 1 trillion terabytes!).

Due to its innovate interconnect abilities and scalability, the IBM storage products can help reduce costs by up to 90% while maintaining, or even increasing the stability of your system, due to its focus on operation and security through redundancy.


Cisco Systems, inc. has been developing networking, telecommunication, and server hardware, services and products since 1984, and have pioneered many technologies used today.

Today it is the largest networking company in the world and offer their products to everyone, from some of the world’s largest enterprises, to private homes, with their extensive variety of products.