Since 2005, Nostro has successfully been dealing in refurbished IT-equipment, yet our technicians date back even further than that, and they have extensive knowledge about every single of our products.

This knowledge is so extensive that we have decided to let it come to your benefit!

You will benefit from their knowledge, as we have developed a Warranty-program called “Lifetime Replacement Warranty”, covering our IBM and Cisco products.

This warranty is a LIFETIME warranty. Not just in wording, but in essence. All parts except the ones described below, will be accompanied by a “Lifetime Replacement Warranty” sticker, showing that this unit is covered for the remainder of its lifetime. There is no age-limit on this warranty.

This warranty is, aside from being a Lifetime Warranty, a Replacement Warranty, meaning that no matter the issue, contact us and we will send a replacement immediately, then we will sort out the rest afterwards. This ensures increased stability and less downtime for all operational environments covered by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

You will never receive a response from us stating “2-3 weeks’ repair time” leaving your system missing crucial parts, you will get a replacement shipped to you immediately upon sending an RMA.

What to expect from our Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

  • Unit is covered for its entire lifetime
  • Replacement unit will be sent immediately upon inquiry
  • Shipping for new unit is paid by Nostro

What not to expect from our Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

  • Repair-time where your system is not at full capacity
  • Delays on replacements because of issues with your claim

Parts not covered by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty

  • Batteries
  • Tape drives