Nostro A/S is only bound to deliver a received order if a written confirmation has been returned to the purchaser.

Unless otherwise specified, quotes from Nostro A/S are subject to the Incoterms: EXW, meaning the quote does not include shipping or any fees related to delivery of the goods.

Nostro A/S does not take any liability in the allowance and suitability of the equipment for import. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to acquire information about, and uphold regulations related to import of the purchased equipment.

The customer must notify Nostro A/S of any missing or incorrect deliveries without unnecessary delay, in order for Nostro A/S to be held responsible for any claims related to the delivery.

Regardless of ownership of the equipment, the purchaser will accept all risks of the equipment upon completed delivery.

Nostro A/S can receive payment by: Wire transfer, credit card, and paypal. Unless otherwise stated, the following fees apply to the payment methods, as described below:

Payment methodFee
Wire Transfer0%
Credit Card – Non-EU3%
Credit Card – EU cards1,5%

Property of any equipment will pass onto the purchaser, when and only when, full payment, including potential additional fees, has been received by Nostro A/S. Potential fees include, but is not limited to, fees for late payment.

Returns & Cancellation
Orders that have been confirmed by Nostro A/S cannot be cancelled or changed, unless otherwise agreed.

The return of any item must be preceded by an email to the relevant representative, stating the issue which results in the wish to return the equipment, along with the order number stated on the delivery note and order confirmation. Upon contact, a Nostro representative will supply an RMA number.

Any return must be shipped with the correct RMA number clearly stated on the packaging. Returned equipment will generally not be accepted without preceding contact with a Nostro representative, and the correct RMA number stated.

Force Majeure
Nostro A/S shall not be liable for any failure of or delay in the delivery of any order, for the period that such failure or delay:

  • is beyond the reasonable control of Nostro A/S
  • materially affects the performance of any of Nostro’s obligations, and
  • could not reasonably have been foreseen or provided against

Disputes between Nostro A/S and any domestic company will be subject to Danish Law, and processed by the Court of Aalborg.

Disputes between Nostro A/S and any foreign customer will be subject to Danish Law, and processed by the Danish jurisprudence at “Sø- og Handelsretten” in Copenhagen”.