Here at Nostro A/S we offer to help you rid your storage of any outdated or simply out-of-use IT-equipment, free of charge. We even want to pay you for the opportunity – how much entirely depends on the equipment.

“But are my old laptops, IBM-server from 1990, and LTF-monitors actually worth the call?”? Yes! Even outdated equipment might have a value to us, even though it for you is only good for recycling. We specialize in the refurbished business, enabling old equipment to become useful again, in operational environments all over the world.

So why not help the environment, and even make money on doing so? Give us a call and let’s have a talk about what we can offer.

We also offer exchange services if you wish to trade your equipment for some other hardware instead, if this is of interest please feel free to contact one of our representatives. You can see their information below.

Common for our services

Common for our services are, that no matter which you choose, we are able to send out a representative to have a talk on your location. Our representative can help in:

  • Identifying and Organizing your out-dated IT equipment
  • Setting the value of your equipment
  • Puchasing the equipment
  • Offering an exchange for new equipment
  • Transporting the equipment from your location


Ole Bach Jensen

Director & Broker: Power


Kim Jensen

Technical Manager

Lasse Høegh



Torben Nilsson